Cardiologist, Macquarie Street Private Practice, Sydney

Department:  Private Practice Rooms
Type of position: sessional

Position description:  We are looking for a Cardiologist with an interest in vascular health and multi-disciplinary care. We are a Specialist Sleep Centre in Macquarie Street Sydney with Respiratory and Sleep Physicians on site. We have other associated Sleep and Respiratory services, including a Sleep Psychologist, Dietitian, and sleep study testing. We have an Endocrinologist in the rooms particularly focusing on metabolic aspects of obesity and insulin resistance. We pride ourselves on a broad Specialist approach to medical conditions. We have excellent support from all local GP’s as a prime referral base. Our patients tend to be middle aged working men and women, who are highly motivated to improve their health. Given the association of obstructive sleep apnoea, central sleep apnoea, obesity and cardiac disease (especially vascular outcomes), we are seeking a Cardiologist or group of Cardiologists to add to our on-site expertise. We expect that you would also see a wide range of other Cardiac issues as there is an unmet city need for private Cardiologists. Most of our patients work in the city and wish to see someone local who is a short walk from their office.

We have sessional rooms available with all staff and facilities provided, so that you can walk straight in and start seeing patients. Alternatively you can bring your own practice and rent space within our large clinic. We have a list of all local GP’s who you could readily visit or we could mail out your arrival to help you establish quickly. The practice is well supported by administrative assistance. Working arrangement and times are flexible. The practice also offers mentorship to help establish your private practice career. We are incorporating telemedicine into our practice, allowing for more flexible work hours and added work opportunities.

This is a perfect opportunity for a new FRACP Specialist to work part time in a flexible arrangement and build up a long term very successful Macquarie Street based private Cardiac practice. It would also suit established Cardiologists who wish to broaden their patient base to Sydney CBD patients.

Qualifications: FRACP or equivalent (such as Fellowship of the Faculties/Chapters of RACP)

Contact Details: Dr Anup Desai, MBBS, FRACP, PhD    E:  Website: