About the International Society for Heart Research

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Formed in 1968, ISHR was initially known as the ‘International Study Group for Research in Cardiac Metabolism, until 1976 when the current name was adopted. Over the years, membership has grown to include around 3,000 members from the Australasian, Chinese, European, Indian, Japanese, Latin American and North American sections. Today cardiovascular research invokes expertise from multiple disciplines and specialties.

World congresses of the ISHR have to date been held in:
Dubrovnik, 1968; Gargona, 1969; Stowe, 1970; Geneva, 1971; Winnipeg, 1972; Freiburg, 1973; Quebec, 1974; Tokyo,1976; New Delhi, 1978; Moscow, 1980; London, 1983; Melbourne, 1986; Ann Arbor, 1989; Kobe, 1992; Prague, 1995; Rhodes, 1998; Winnipeg, 2001; Brisbane, 2004; Bologna, 2007; Kyoto, 2010; San Diego, 2013; Buenos Aires, 2016; Beijing, 2019. The next is Berlin, 2022 (12-15 June 2022)

ISHR Australasian Section offers CSANZ members international links to academic research and research training.

Goals of ISHR

  • To promote the exchange of ideas on a world-wide basis between scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of cardiovascular biology and medicine.
  • To promote discovery and dissemination of knowledge in all areas of cardiovascular biology and medicine, and to foster training of researchers.
  • To organize and support congresses devoted to all aspects of cardiovascular research.
  • To provide an international forum for discussion of all issues at the cutting edge of cardiovascular research.
  • To publish a world class journal devoted to advances in cardiovascular research: The Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (ISI Impact factor=5.25).