Past Officers

Brief historical notes about the Australasian Section

Inspired by the 1976 ISHR World Congress held in Japan, the local section of the ISHR was founded in order to represent and bring together cardiovascular researchers in this region of the world. The founding president was Mark Wahlqvist, having moved from the Karolinska Institute in Uppsala, to the Dept.Medical Sciences, Australian National University and then Prince Henry’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Winifred Nayler was also instrumental in founding the section. She organized the 1986 world congress in Melbourne and remained prominent with her international peers through the impact of her research, later becoming President of both the Australasian Section and the World Body.

The major research interest of many members in the 1970s and 1980s was in cardiac metabolism, particularly the impact of ischaemia-reperfusion injury. Today cardiovascular research invokes expertise from multiple disciplines and technologies. This is reflected in ISHR’s membership from the fields of biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, biophysics, molecular biology, vascular biology, pathology, cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Over the decades many members of CSANZ with basic research interests have had strong involvement in ISHR, and during this time the CSANZ has annually held joint basic science symposia with ISHR.

Founding Committee Members:

Mark L.Wahlqvist, Winifred G. Nayler, John Williams, Michael Clarke, Colin Gibbs, Ted Nye, Sir John Scott, (Record incomplete).


President: Mark L.Wahlqvis
Secretary & Treasurer: John Williams


President: Winifred Nayler
Secretary & Treasurer: Michael Clarke

1986 ISHR WORLD CONGRESS (Melbourne)

Organised by Winifred Nayler and Michael Clarke


World body President of ISHR: Winifred Nayler succeeded Howard Morgan (USA).


President: Winifred Nayler
Secretary & Treasurer: Peter L. McLennan


President: Franklin L. Rosenfeldt
Secretary & Treasurer: Michael J. Daly


Winifred Nayler Valedictory Meeting (ISHR Annual Scientific Meeting), Melbourne.


President: John Gavin
Elected World Council Representative (1992-1998).
Secretary & Treasurer: Michael J. Daly


President: John Gavin
Secretary & Treasurer: Lindsay Brown


President: Lindsay Brown
Secretary & Treasurer: Tom Cocks


President: Lindsay Brown
Secretary: Salvatore Pepe
Treasurer: Franklin L. Rosenfeldt


Australasian Section wins bid to host 2004 ISHR World Congress in Brisbane
Peter McLennan elected to ISHR World Council, (1998-2004).


John Gavin is awarded Life Honorary Membership
Mark Wahlqvist -Keynote address to ASM: Perspectives from a founding president.


Organised the IUPS World Congress Satellite meeting: Models in Cardiovascular Research


Founding participants in the first Australian Health & Medical Research Congress
Colin Gibbs is awarded Life Honorary Membership


ISHR World Congress held in Brisbane
ISHR World Congress Satellite meeting “Aging Heart & Vessels” held in Melbourne.


President: Salvatore Pepe
Secretary: Lea Delbridge
Treasurer: Xiao-Jun Du
Salvatore Pepe elected to ISHR World Council (2004-2010).
Lea Delbridge appointed to ISHR World Council (2004-2010) as section representative.


President: Lea Delbridge
Secretary: David Saint
Treasurer: Julie McMullen


President: Livia Hool
Secretary: Colleen Thomas
Finance Secretary: Salvatore Pepe
Livia Hool elected to ISHR World Council (2010-2013) as Statutory Member.
Lea Delbridge appointed to ISHR World Council (2010-2013) as section representative.