Applications are welcomed from qualified individuals to become members of CSANZ in the following categories:

Fellows (FCSANZ)

  • Cardiologists with FRACP in Cardiology > 3 years or Cardiothoracic Surgeons with FRACS > 3 years, and practising independently
  • Scientists with a doctoral degree with at least 3 years post-doctoral experience and conducting research independently, principally in cardiovascular disease
  • Individuals with demonstrated leadership in the advancement of cardiovascular health in Australia or New Zealand

Associate Members

  • FRACP (cardiology)/FRACS (cardiothoracic surgery) < 3 years
  • advanced trainees in cardiology (RACP) or cardiothoracic surgery (RACS)

Affiliate Members

  • Nurses, technicians, medical students
  • Persons with a professional interest in cardiovascular medicine or surgery or research in these allied subjects.

Membership and application information

 Application forms

 Application process

All applications go through the following process which can take several months:

  • Review by the Regional Committee in which the applicant resides;
  • For applicants who reside outside of Australia or New Zealand, the application is reviewed by the Honorary Secretary;
  • Applications for FCSANZ and Associate Membership are then listed for review by the Professional and Ethical Standards Committee (PESC);
  • Applications and the recommendation from the Regional Committee and PESC are then listed for consideration by the Board.

Applicants should be aware that the Board meets four times each year – March, May, August and November. Applications are not ratified outside of these meetings. An application needs to be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the Board meeting at which the applicant wishes to be considered.

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