CPD Program

What is HeartOne?

HeartOne is the new CSANZ CPD program and represents a CPD platform that will be tailored for Cardiologists and those working in the field of Cardiology.

In its first iteration it provides a framework for self-directed learning and assessment, recording CPD activity, access to online journals, books and other resources, via the HeartOne web application. Access is available to all current CSANZ members.

Is participation in the HeartOne CPD Program compulsory for CSANZ members?

At this stage participation is not compulsory and members must still record activity in the RACP system (see below). However it is incumbent on members to participate during this early stage so that continuing development of the program can be driven from valuable feedback.

It is important to note that HeartOne will provide a rich array of content and learning support tools which are not available through the RACP web site.

Do I need to duplicate my CPD activity records between HeartOne and the RACP system?

Yes, for the time being.

CSANZ has initiated the process to have HeartOne accredited as an alternative CPD program to the RACP system. Members and Fellows will then have a choice as to which system they prefer for logging and reporting CPD activity to regulatory authorities. Until that process is complete, participation in HeartOne will require your CPD activity to be recorded in both systems.


HeartOne CPD Summary to RACP MyCPD

Can I contribute content to the CPD Program?

Absolutely! CPD credit is awarded for contribution to the program. For more information please read Contributing Online CPD Modules.

How can I give feedback about the program?

A feedback forum is currently in use for the CPD Committee and content experts. In due course the forum will be opened up to members to generate valuable feedback and ideas.

Web Application 

How do I access HeartOne?

Access to HeartOne is available to all current members of CSANZ and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, and using any modern web browser. CSANZ Members are able to log in from the member login at the top of this page, or directly on the HeartOne login page.

If you have never logged in before, or have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions below to reset your password.

How do I set / reset my HeartOne password?

If you have never logged in before, or have forgotten your password here’s a VIDEO HELP »

Simply click on  the member login (red button) at the top of this page fill in your email address you used to start your membership and password.  This will take you to the member dashboard and the Heart One application is in the Education Tile.  
Forgotten or Do Not yet have a Password? – CLICK HERE.   

How do I update my profile and contact information?

You are able to manage contact details and basic profile information via the HeartOne application, under the ‘Profile’ tab.


How do I enter CPD activity?

General CPD activity is recorded in your HeartOne CPD Diary. This can be accessed from the HeartOne start page as well as the ‘Education’ menu.


How do I complete Online CPD modules?

HeartOne contains a learning and self-assessment feature that will be continually expanded and improved. Online CPD modules present material for review and may also contain self-assessment questions. Once complete, CPD credit for the module is automatically recorded in you CPD Diary.

Why was nothing recorded in my CPD Diary after watching a video?

There are a few possibilities:

  1. You may not have completed the final few steps of the Module (see above)
  2. You may have already completed the Module, and it is limited to a single allocation of CPD credit.
  3. You may have accessed the raw Resource, rather than a Module (see below)
What is the difference between a ‘Resource’ and a ‘Module’?

HeartOne contains a large database of Resource records. This is a analogous to a library and includes anything from scanned abstracts to full length videos, as well as links to external web sites. Access to the Resource Library is provided for general information and research purposes, without the necessity to complete a formal CPD Module. However, time spent accessing resources can be manually recorded your CPD Diary.

CPD Modules may contain one or more Resources and are intended to provide a convenient way to access relevant CPD content for your particular areas of interest. Completion of the CPD Modules will automatically record credit in your CPD Diary.

How can I access online Journals & Books?

An extensive set of relevant journals & books are included in the Resource Library and can be accessed from within HeartOne (EDUCATION -> Journals).

HeartOne FAQ