The Heart Foundation has a suite of offerings to help your patients navigate through their recovery and give them tips and advice on managing their heart health. This support program is also for family members and carers.

The My Heart, My Life (MHML) program provides education and support to people hospitalised with a heart attack or angina, via various channels, over a period of six months.

The program was implemented and tested in partnership with 38 hospitals nationally, between November 2019 to June 2020. Overall, there was high acceptability of the pilot program among participants and health professionals, with patients reporting significant rates of risk factor modification and feeling more supported throughout their health journey.

The MHML program is not a replacement for cardiac rehabilitation (either face to face, phone or web based) but aims to provide an additional method of education and support to assist patients as they transition from acute to primary care.

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This program relies on clinicians promoting the support program with their patients