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Heart Failure Working Group

On behalf of the New Zealand Heart Failure Working Group (NZHFWG), welcome to the NZHFWG web page.

Heart Failure is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in New Zealand. Patients often require multiple investigations and treatment to alleviate symptoms, help improve cardiac function and reduce mortality associated with the condition. Both in-patient and out-patient care and follow-up are important for this group of patients.

The NZHFWG is looking to bring together all stakeholders involved in the care of patients with heart failure including clinician, heart failure nurse practitioners and specialists, gerontology nurses, GPs, practice nurses and palliative care specialists from the whole of New Zealand. The NZHFWG has become formally affiliated to the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ). We are looking to promote the group to all interested parties to allow a better understanding of care that is available for this group of patient.

There is a New Zealand Heart Failure Registry. This enables us to measure evidenced-based clinical outcomes and compare how we are doing for our patients. The primary goal of the Registry is to improve the management of heart failure patients, through a better understanding of patient demographics, management and in –hospital and post-discharge outcomes.

We believe the registry can help achieve this by:

  • Providing data to characterise existing and evolving practice management, delivery of care and resource utilisation in the management of heart failure.
  • Providing data to support internal and external standards and benchmarking of treatment patterns and patient outcomes.
  • Allowing analysis of data collected in the Registry to address unanswered clinical questions.

The study will compile real national clinical outcome data and long term data for future evaluation. As a consequence we believe it will enable us to improve the care of all New Zealanders with heart failure.

To help bring all of this together, this website has been started. We are hoping this will develop over time and welcome any suggestions for things to include.

Dr Raewyn Fisher (Chair)


Anyone can become a member of the NZHFWG. However, as the group is affiliated to the CSANZ, you need to join the CSANZ. This is easy to do – just follow the link to the CSANZ membership application page.

Guidelines / Useful Links

There are several websites with helpful guidelines for investigation and treatment of patients with heart failure.

New Zealand Heart Foundation

CSANZ Guidelines

AHA guidelines

The AHA has links to many guidelines including those for care of patients with advanced heart failure.

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses

ACC guidelines

The ACC has links to many guidelines including those for care of patients with advanced heart failure.

European Society of Cardiology guidelines

Advance Care Planning