The 2022 Special edition of Heart, Lung and Circulation will examine the impact of environment and climate, pollution, extreme weather events and more on cardiovascular health, as well as potential solutions to current and future cardiovascular health impacts.

The Special Issue Guest Editors welcome the submission of original research (including systematic review) articles addressing any aspect of this topic, including:

  • —  Biological mechanisms mediating impact of environmental drivers of cardiovascular disease
  • —  Equity specific impacts (including gender, culture, socio-economic status, etc) of environmentally driven cardiovascular disease
  • —  Interventions to mediate the effects of environment on cardiovascular health
  • —  Advocacy and leadership initiatives to improve cardiovascular outcomes relatedto climate and environment
  • —  Forecasting of cardiovascular outcomes related to climate change and environmental disasters using big data
  • —  Urban planning, city design and cardiovascular outcomes (noise, air quality etc.)
  • —  AI, and digital health and environmentFor advice on potential suitability of any proposed manuscript, please contact Ann Gregory, Commissioning Editor, in advance at general guidelines on the appropriate preparation of manuscripts please visit the journal’s website. Manuscripts will be subject to peer review.Please submit your paper to Heart, Lung and Circulation via Editorial Manager, indicating that it is intended for this special issue (SI) by selecting “SI:ENVIRONMENT 2022” as Article type.