Detailed below is a brief description of the various research scholarships, prizes, awards and travelling fellowships available to CSANZ members.
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CSANZ Postgraduate Research Scholarships

The CSANZ Postgraduate Research Scholarship is intended to provide support for CSANZ Members who wish to pursue a career in cardiovascular research. The Scholarships will be awarded only to applicants whose research is to be conducted in Australia or New Zealand. Only those applicants who are enrolled as full time students (e.g. for PhD or MD) will be eligible to receive the Scholarship as a tax-free stipend. The value of the Scholarship will be equivalent to that of the NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship (depending on the candidate’s academic qualifications).
Closing date for applications is 5pm Monday 9 October 2023.
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2024 RT Hall Prize

The R T Hall Prize is the most prestigious research award of CSANZ and recognises the achievements of senior and established investigators. The Prize is awarded in open competition and is directed towards recognition of sustained and outstanding research achievement.

The R T Hall Prize will be awarded to an individual investigator for a coherent body of work, which advances knowledge of the cardiovascular system and its diseases. In exceptional circumstances, the Prize may be awarded to a small group for an outstanding contribution in the field of cardiology. The work must have been published in a scientific journal or journals. Work published in book-form and thesis, which has been accepted for higher degrees, may also be submitted. The investigator must be a CSANZ member who has shown a commitment to the Society over the course of their career, and the work must have been substantially undertaken in Australia or New Zealand.

For further information about the application process click here.          Applications close on 20 November, 2023.

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CSANZ Awards

There are three CSANZ Awards; Distinguished Service, President’s Medal and Distinguished Career Achievement Awards. If you know someone who has made a significant contribution to any of these categories, you may nominate them for a CSANZ Award.

To find out more about each of these awards, click on the link below:

 Download CSANZ Awards Criteria

Travelling Fellowships for Scientific Sessions

The Travelling Fellowships are intended to provide an opportunity for young investigators in the early stage of their research career to present at the American, European and Asian Scientific Sessions.  Applicants must be current financial CSANZ members at the time of application, who have had an abstract accepted for presentation at the Scientific Session. Preference is given to those attending their first Scientific Session of that meeting.

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All Travelling Fellowships for 2023 International Scientific Meetings are now closed. 

CSANZ ASM Travelling Fellowships

The Fellowships are designed to help defray the costs of registration, travel and accommodation to the CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting. Applicants must be current financial CSANZ Members (nurse, allied health, trainees) at the time of applying and be the presenting author of the accepted paper. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of abstract grading. Equal preference will be given to oral and poster presentation.

Applications for 2023 CSANZ ASM Travelling Fellowships are now closed.

Clinical Development Award (CDA)

The Awards are intended to further develop the successful candidate through an increase in their clinical knowledge and expertise, an increased awareness of research and evidence-based practice and will also allow the successful candidate to build on their professional network. In particular, this strategy addresses succession planning for leadership positions in cardiovascular practice, research, education and management. Candidates applying for a CDA are not required to have an abstract accepted for presentation at the CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting. Applicants must be current financial CSANZ Members (Nurse, Allied Health or scientist) for at least one year.

Applications for the 2023 Clinical Development Award (CDA) are now closed.

Ralph Reader Prize

The Ralph Reader Prize was originally the Young Investigators Award and was first presented in 1980.  It was named after Dr Ralph Reader as a tribute to his encouragement of young investigators during his time as Medical Director of the National Heart Foundation from 1961-70 and as Director and Chief Executive from 1970 until his retirement in 1980.

The Ralph Reader Prize remains the most prestigious research award to young investigators by the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ).

Finalists will be selected in either the Clinical Section or the Basic & Translational Science section, to present their work in the Ralph Reader prize final at the CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting.  The Ralph Reader Prize is awarded to the best individual presentation in each prize session.

NB: Applicants for the Ralph Reader prize should submit an abstract of their study via the portal in addition to submitting their extended paper to the CSANZ office. This will ensure that your abstract can be considered for other prizes at the ASM, however, the study can only be presented in one prize final.

Applications for the Ralph Reader Prize for 2023 have now closed.
Read more about Ralph Reader eligibility and criteria for future reference here.

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