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In 2021 CSANZ formed a working group for Sports Cardiology due to the increased demand for training and a dedicated service provision for this niche field, whilst also providing a forum for discussing interesting cases and progress within Sports Cardiology.  

The emerging sub-speciality of Sports Cardiology

Sports cardiology has been an area of significant growth in recent years with recognition that there are unique diagnostic challenges in identifying cardiac pathology and specific management considerations amongst athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Whilst there is an increased general awareness of the importance of physical activity in reducing one’s overall risk of cardiovascular disease there is also increased awareness of the potential for high level athletes to have underlying inherited or acquired cardiovascular disease that may place them at risk of adverse events during physical activity. The American College of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology established their own councils for Sports Cardiology as well as developing specific sports cardiology guideline documents. There is now a recommendation from both councils, that athletes should be reviewed in a centre with specialised expertise in sports cardiology to minimise harm to the athlete; by ensuring diagnostic accuracy and appropriate management recommendations are implemented for sports men and women.

The practice of sports cardiology requires a knowledge of cardiac imaging, clinical electrophysiology and inherited heart disease superimposed with an appreciation of exercise physiology. Moreover, like all fields of cardiology, expertise is acquired through practice and observation. There are established dedicated sports cardiology courses and training programs in Europe and the United States.

As a rapidly evolving field, we are interested to assess what the demand might be for structured programs in Australasia.

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  • Be part of the grass roots of a new subsection of cardiology in Australasia.

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