Protocol instructions for external organizations seeking endorsement or accreditation by the CSANZ of a scientific meeting.

In the case of meetings which are not jointly run or developed by the CSANZ, formal ratification requires:

  • The meeting must be run by a scientific, professional, academic organisation or a Member of the CSANZ;
  • Should have a demonstrable benefit for CSANZ Members;
  • A formal letter of request from the organisers of the meeting to the CSANZ President and the Chair of the Scientific Committee at least six months prior to the meeting being held;
  • Request to be considered by the CSANZ Board;
  • CSANZ may request and nominate a representative to participate on the Organising and Programme Committees of that meeting;
  • Scientific content and invited speakers must be determined by a scientific committee independent of financial sponsors;
  • A decision by the Society to endorse or support a meeting does not necessarily imply any financial obligations on behalf of the CSANZ;
  • The objectives of the scientific meeting are consistent with those of the Cardiac Society;
  • Speakers at all CSANZ endorsed meetings must provide a disclosure slide at the beginning of their presentation to indicate whether they have received any financial remuneration or support to attend the meeting;
  • The Convenor of meetings which are endorsed by the CSANZ must provide a report to each Board meeting which includes a budget and financial accounts related to the meeting.

Endorsement of external meetings by the CSANZ does not imply any financial support or funding by the CSANZ.


The President
Suite 4, Level 12
189 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Ratified at the Board meeting held 1 August 2014

CSANZ Endorsement of External Scientific Meetings