CSANZ process for new, and updated, Position Statements and Practice Updates

The CSANZ Quality Standards Committee (QSC) is responsible for reviewing new or updated CSANZ Position Statements and Practice Updates, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding ratification. These documents mostly arise under the auspices of a Council or, less frequently, the Board.

The QSC meets four times a year in February, May, July and October.

Please refer to the CSANZ Position Statement Process flow for an overview of the process and for guidance on key elements of the documents.

CSANZ Members wanting to develop a new, or update an existing,  Position Statement or Practice Update  will be required to complete the Submission Requirements form  and submit it to the QSC for endorsement. This form documents the governance process, compliance with requirements and minimum mandated inclusions  and includes instructions on the Note of Intent and Cover Letter, and templates required for submission to the CSANZ QSC. 

Other references

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Process for new/updated CSANZ Position Statements and Practice Updates