This information is intended to assist members who would like to contribute CPD modules for [HeartOne].

Please take a look at Overview of Online CPD Modules to get an idea of the structure.

The CSANZ Online CPD Module Template document outlines the information required for each CPD module.

File Formats

Please supply copy in a standard digital format such as MS Word, PDF, text file.

Documents: Any common digital format such as text, pdf, Word, Powerpoint* etc
Images: Web-ready formats are ideal (gif, jpg, png) however we can convert other formats. Higher resolution image are good as it is better to scale down that up.
Video: Ideal format is mp4, however we can convert other formats if required.
Audio: Ideal format is mp3, but again other formats can be converted

*PowerPoint files are ideal for conveying the desired slide structure. If you do send information in a PowerPoint please include the resource files (audio / video) separately along with information about each (title, date & description). See the CSANZ Online CPD Module Template for more information.

How & Where to Send

If file sizes are not limiting please email content to the address below.

For large files a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Hightail or MediaFire is a good option.

Email: [email protected]

Post digital media to:

Attention: CPD manager
The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand
Level 6, Suite 601
1 Castlereagh Street

Contributing Online CPD Modules