Heart, Lung and Circulation’s Special Issue on Vascular Ageing (November 2021 edition) is now accessible online at www.heartlungcirc.org.

Heart, Lung and Circulation launches on Elsevier Journal’s YouTube Channel with a special interview with the Guest Editors of the Edition. Dr Rachel Climie (Menzies Institute for Medical Research, TAS), A/Prof Jonathan Mynard and A/Prof Salvatore (Sal) Pepe, (both from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, VIC) provide a brief introduction to the Edition.

The editors explain the concept of Vascular Ageing (Is your vascular age the same as your calendar age?), how Vascular Age might be measured and what might modify it. They highlight some of the contributions in the edition for the viewer’s attention.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyX9VoLNcok