Congratulations to CSANZ Chair, Prof Stephen Nicholls for winning the prestigious 2023 Anitschkow Prize of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS).

The Anitschkow Prize is the most prestigious distinction in atherosclerosis research, named after Nikolai Anitschkow who performed the first foundational study, feeding rabbits a cholesterol rich diet and observing the formation of plaques in the aortic wall.

This award recognises Prof Nicholls’ outstanding contributions to atherosclerosis, cardiometabolic disease and preventive cardiology Including elucidating the factors influencing the functionality of high-density lipoproteins; understanding the factors influencing plaque progression and regression; as well as leadership of clinical trials of novel cardioprotective therapies.

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Prof Nicholls will receive the Anitschkow Medal and is invited to present the Anitschkow Lecture at the Opening Ceremony of the #EASCongress2023  in Manheim Germany, 21 May 2023.