Dr Jonathan Sen
Cardiology Advanced Trainee at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD

I am a final year Cardiology Advanced Trainee at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, as well as a PhD candidate with the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Professor Tom Marwick. It was an honour to attend the recent European Society of Cardiology meeting in Amsterdam in August 2023 with support from a CSANZ Travelling Fellowship. At the Congress, I presented the following three abstracts:

My research uses Big Data to investigate the ageing myocardium and aortic valve disease. Using unsupervised machine learning algorithms, my research found that comorbidities, beyond echocardiographic parameters, are key drivers of adverse outcomes in patients with moderate aortic stenosis. We developed a risk score as a decision support tool in risk stratification for patients with
aortic stenosis. Additionally, demographic and clinical factors were also shown to impact the progression of aortic stenosis. This research highlights the need for clinicians to carefully consider comorbidities that predispose adverse outcomes when managing patients with aortic stenosis.

The ESC Congress was an excellent platform in which to immerse myself in the latest advancements in cardiology. The Hot Line, late-breaking science, and New ESC Guidelines sessions, particularly those on the latest advancements in heart failure, imaging, and valvular heart disease, were enlightening. During the “Valvular heart disease: echocardiography and beyond” and “The challenging management of moderate aortic stenosis” sessions, I engaged in discussions with others who shared a similar research interest. Meeting mentors and experts in the field offered unique insights and fostered professional relationships that will facilitate future collaborations. Overall, the experience inspired a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in further research endeavours.

This was an exceptional opportunity to present my research, learn from experts, and connect with like-minded colleagues. Attending this international Congress has significantly contributed to my growth as a cardiology advanced trainee and PhD Candidate, and has motivated me to continue contributing towards advancement of this field. I am grateful for the Travelling Fellowship that made this experience possible.